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jjthreads.com is a one-of-a-kind website of Hong Kong based J.J. Threads, to enable users design a complete shirt of their own by choosing from a cornucopia of shirts and fabrics. The thoughtfully designed rich interactive interface offers users to purchase a shirt designed of their own or designed by other users. A very popular website among users, jjthreads.com is available to all.

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About Project

Client: Shop 701, Hoisenee House, 69 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Website URL: www.jjthreads.com

Business Requirements

Customize Shirt Online

Intending to come up with a unique web portal designed exclusively for those who like to carry their signature style,

For J.J. Threads:

  • to capture the online shirt market
  • to skip the need of pre-stocking, thereby not blocking huge capital
  • to garner maximum benefits from customers with uncommon sizes
  • to exhibit a plethora of their fabrics and designs
  • to enjoy a premium for customization facilities
  • to get an idea of popular designs, sizes and patterns chosen by users

For the users:

  • to get exposed to a variety of options to choose from
  • to have the opportunity to get their shirts customized by selecting and combining different sizes, patterns and fabrics
  • to select from existing designs liked by other users
  • to identify popular trends in fabrics, shades and styles
  • to acquire shirts of uncommon sizes which are rarely available in readymade shirt stores
  • to select and get shirts stitched in real time from the convenience of home

Key Challenges

JJ Threads wanted a website where customers can not only design their shirts, they can create profiles, look books etc. On top of it they wanted to integrate the website with their manufacturing and design facilities so that every order is passed on to them the moment it arrives. Promatics needed to come up with a robust engine that is both powerful and feature rich to achieve desired results.

Made to Measure


  • Design as you wish: Users can design a complete shirt of their own by using the unique customization options for each and every aspect of the shirt from fabric, collar and stitching to body, cuff and placket. Buyers can add to cart while users can save the design.
  • Filter it out: The filter feature enables the users to pick the most suitable fabrics in terms of brands, colors, prices, patterns, technical features, thread count, weight and fabric construction. Users can also sort out by using the Featured, Latest, Highest Rated and Most Viewed options.
  • Save an existing size or create your own: Users have the options to save their designed shirts using the pre defined standard sizes as well as to create and save a fresh measurement of their own.
  • Reap JJ Cash award for designing skills: Once a shirt designed and saved by a user is approved by administrator, it becomes available for the common users to purchase. JJ Cash is awarded to those users whose designed shirts are purchased by other users.
  • Be the ‘Threadhead of the Month’: To encourage active participation of users Promatics came up with the ‘Threadhead of the Month’ idea. A user taking part in almost all activities revolving around the portal at regular level becomes entitled to be presented as the ‘Threadhead of the Month’.
  • Be a Threadfellow for a noble cause: User who is a non-profit member can become a Threadfellow. Each Threadfellow can choose a fabric to represent a cause. Every time the charity’s fabric is incorporated in a user’s design, a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to the organization.
  • Enjoy JJ Cash on first purchase: Every time a new user gets registered he or she is welcomed with the addition of JJ Cash to his or her account. Buyers can use this amount on the very first purchase.
  • Send Gift Cards to your friends: This unique feature is thoughtfully designed to entice users to send gift cards to other users. The value of the gift card begins from $20 and the card is accompanied with J.J. Threads Tailor Kit. Users can send gift cards, customized with personal messages on the same day or schedule the delivery date in advance.
  • Flaunt your J.J. Shirt on the Lookbook: By adding the out-of-the-box Lookbook section on the website, Promatics endeavored to stimulate users to upload pics flaunting their J.J. shirts.


The unmatched designed portal shouldered throughout by Promatics’ team came up with advantageous responses. jjthreads.com:

  • Emerged as a consummate website for corporate, educational, professional and club dressing
  • Became a favorite among classes carrying signature style and designer looks
  • Contributed immensely to the brand’s popularity online
  • Added to the revenue by driving in more and more surfers
  • Became the number 1 website for unusual sized audiences
  • Became an opinion leader in shirts fraternity by providing latest trends and popular designing ideas
  • Received a noble status by NGOs
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