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Poulsbo RV - One of the largest high volume recreational vehicle dealers in North America


Poulsbo RV is one of the Top 10 RV Dealers of North America. They started way back in 1986 in the quaint town of Poulsbo with a few used cars, a travel trailer, lots of hard work and the vision that "people come first." Poulsbo RV has grown to become the premier RV dealer in the Pacific Northwest. Poulsbo RV serves in five different locations in Fife, Everett, Auburn, Kent, and Mt. Vernon Washington, being a full service Washington recreational vehicle dealer. They offer new and used motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers by many different manufacturers at the best RV pricing.

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About Project

Client: Poulsbo RV 23051 Military RD, South Kent, WA 98032, USA

Website URL: www.poulsborv.com

Business Requirements

RV Website Details

Need of a customized feature rich portal for lead generation of RVs and growth of business

Poulsbo RVs main requirement was to build a customized web portal which would attract more prospects, sell more RVs and ultimately generate more revenue.

They wanted the customized portal with the following modules and functionality:

  • Forms to collect all the details that the users fill up for the purpose of enquiring information regarding the RV
  • Automatically send the details to the Clients email ID in the ADF (Amiga Disk File ) format
  • The details would in turn be internally integrated with the Clients CRM system and would be stored there.

The other requirement was the need of an Image gallery. The purpose of the gallery would be to clearly display about 50 to 60 images to highlight all the details of the RV so that the users could select from the available images. This image gallery had to be light in weight.

Poulsbo RVs has a number of sub vendors who needed links which would open in browsers and would display all the RV details in the XML format as well as a downloadable .csv file format via emails. Poulsbo RVs wanted this functionality to be built for their esteemed sub vendors to make their experience pleasant and easy.

Key Challenges

Poulsbo RV desired a portal that was customized and built with the Magento platform. Magento’s eCommerce platform offers tools needed to attract more prospects generate more leads and sell more RVs but Poulsbo RV wanted to customize the in-built features that Magento has to offer as per their unique requirements without using them as is.

They wanted a website that was a semi ecommerce site without the standard ‘Add to cart’ option, but with a functionality that would allow users to enquire about the details of the RVs using Forms and customized functions.

Moreover, the customers who had filled up forms for enquiring, hiring or purchasing the RVs had to be sent alerts regarding any important details of the RVs.

Product Comparison Module


Salient Features of our Solution:

  • We studied the current landscape in detail and came up with the best possible solution of building a personalized Magento website mainly for fulfilling the pain points that Poulsbo RV faced.
  • Our technology stack comprises of the open source Magento platform, JavaScript, Ajax and PHP. We suggested Magento as it offers rich administration interface and robust marketing tools to empower the merchants to create sites customized as per their unique business requirements
  • Integration: We included follow up email Magento Extension for easing the reminder and follow-up email process. We made the website responsive to ensure it suited well to the need of customers who are tech-savvy and could access it via mobiles, tablets and other such devices. The details of the Enquiry form are automatically sent to the CRM this functionality is integrated into the CRM.
  • Customization: We have customized forms, filters and built modules as per specific business requirements. Users can fill up a form; select the type of RVs as well as chose the options to contact the owners of the RVs.
  • Image Gallery: The website is tailored in such a way that any user visiting the website could view approximately 50 to 60 images in the gallery to view the details of the RVs. We integrated an API that helped in the resolution conversion without any problems to make it light weight.
  • Links: With increasing number of sub vendors in mind we have provided links that would open in browsers and would display all the RV details in the XML format as well as a downloadable .csv file format via emails. This would ease the sub vendors needs and give them a good user experience.
  • We have a team of expert PHP consultants that specialize in website development and content solutions who have a rich experience of developing the most easy to use as well as complex e-Commerce solutions and integrating with Open Source and proprietary analytics tools for number of customers.
  • The users have the flexibility and multiple options of choosing the engine, colour, customize the RV, buy it or hire it
  • Implementation of Promotional codes on a case-by-case basis
  • We have provided a number of filters for ease of selection of the RVs and its features for different types of user preferences
  • Each form is built with the functionality that will collect all the content on the form and will send it to the relevant email Ids as required
  • The ‘Enquiry’ form collects information filled up by users and automatically sends it to the Clients email ID in the ADF format. This feature is internally integrated with the Clients CRM system


Poulsbo RV with the aid of an efficient and well managed customized website has been successful in attracting various clients from around the globe to become their close customers. The website provides good quality images, RV specifications, and a flawlessly designed UI. It is designed to provide users a unique and a delightful experience by communicating validity and inheritance of the RVs.

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